TAKING CARE OF YOU | C + K Family Lawyers



I often find myself saying to clients “make sure that you take care of yourself – that’s the most important part.”

Separation and divorce are difficult. They are even more difficult if you are not making sure that you get whatever help is necessary. For some, this may simply involve recognising that they are stressed and then taking time to exercise regularly. For others, it may mean seeing a doctor or psychologist for professional help dealing with day to day events.

Also, often for men and women, the support that you seek may be different. For women it may be sharing with friends and family who you trust, or have had similar experiences. For men, it may be chatting with a mate after work. Either way, do not isolate yourself and be sure to access all the support you can.

There are even services that specialise in the type of programmes and support that they provide. For example, men’s wellbeing, domestic violence and anger management. Use these services as needed.

Whatever it is for you, just make sure that you are in the best possible state to make the best possible decisions.