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Conveyancing for Sellers and Buyers
Conveyancing is one of the most important professional services you’ll ever need. Home conveyancing in the State of Queensland includes the following:-

  • Preparation of all legal documentation required to transfer ownership of a property
  • The process of meeting all contractual obligations (this includes ensuring you comply with the terms and conditions of the contract as well as time limits)

While it is possible to attempt acting for yourself with your conveyance, there are several very strong reasons you should always hire a solicitor which include:-

  • The complexity of conveyancing terminology and procedures
  • The time required to develop an understanding of the process
  • The large financial responsibility involved
  • The ease of access to information that conveyancing solicitors are privileged with

Are you the buyer?
Depending on whether you are selling or buying, there are different tasks performed.
Some tasks involved if you are buying a property include:-

  • Advising you on any issues affecting the property you’re purchasing
  • Liaising with your financier, agent and the seller’s solicitors to ensure the process runs smoothly
  • Conducting property searches and obtaining the certificate of title (if applicable) for transfer purposes
  • Preparing settlement statements
  • Attending settlement on your behalf – making sure you’re paid the correct amount in full and that all outstanding debts are accounted for

Are you the seller?
Some tasks involved if you are selling a property include:-

  • Ensuring the relevant dates are met for the terms and conditions under the contract
  • Reviewing your contract prior to signing to ensure your legal rights are protected (if you seek advice prior to signing)
  • Working with the agent and buyer’s solicitors to ensure the process runs smoothly
  • Arranging for settlement with your bank and the buyer and preparing final settlement statements
  • Stamping the Transfer documentation
  • Attending settlement on your behalf and ensuring all monies are deposited correctly on completion of the settlement
  • Lodging documentation with the Titles Office if there is no financier

At CK Family Lawyers, we combine the professional service with a competitive, fixed price.
Our fixed fee includes all of the standard work associated with conducting conveyancing transactions, and it guarantees that:-

  • You’ll receive expert advice at an affordable rate
  • We’ll outline all of the actual costs involved in the process (including fees and government search charges)

And, you can rest assured knowing that if your conveyancing encounters unexpected problems or delays, this will not change the amount you need to pay.