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Divorce & Family Law

family law

As the name suggests, our main focus is assisting our clients with their family law needs.

Whether you have recently separated or are thinking about separating, we can provide you with advice that is relevant to your needs. We can guide you through the steps you need to take to ensure you understand your rights and obligations under the Family Law Act.

If you are looking to achieve a fair division of assets from your defacto partnership or marriage, we will obtain from you the facts and information relevant to your situation so we can advise you on a range of likely outcomes. Things you will need to consider are superannuation policies, bank accounts, shares, property owned and also, any contributions made at the beginning and throughout the relationship.

If there are children involved, we will help you understand how the law sees the care arrangements for children and provide useful information on what outcome may be in the best interests of your children. In addition to legal advice regarding your children, we are also happy to assist you connecting with other services that may be beneficial to you and your family.

Any domestic violence matters will be handled with the utmost respect and sensitivity whether you need general advice regarding a situation only or if the matter is already in the Courts.

Perhaps you have been married before and have recently entered a new relationship and would like to ensure your assets and wellbeing is protected the second time around. Please discuss with us Binding Financial Agreements and Pre-Nuptial Agreements.