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5 ways to build your self-esteem after divorce

5 ways to build your self-esteem after divorce

It's time to get a new hobby following a separation and divorce

It’s no surprise that divorce can take a toll on your self-esteem. Many divorcees struggle with feelings of shame, inadequacy, regret and fear, and these feelings are amplified in bitter, argument-filled separations.

There are plenty of storms to weather as you work your way through the divorce process, and taking care of yourself is paramount for staying healthy and happy.

Whether you’re in the midst of divorce or trying to regain your confidence afterward, these are some steps you can take to reclaim your independence and to rebuild your self-esteem:


1) Find a new hobby

There are hobbies to fit every lifestyle and personality type, and you’ll be amazed by the thrill that comes with challenging yourself mentally or physically through a new passion.

Some people turn to physical pursuits like sports or working out to push their boundaries and gain confidence, while other people enjoy mental activities like computer programming or learning a language.

You can ease into a new hobby or invest yourself 100 percent right from the start–regardless of your approach, you’ll benefit from channeling energy into something new and exciting.


2) Reconnect with family and friends

Unfortunately, divorce leads many of us to temporarily grow distant from the people we love. But reconnecting with loved ones can provide you with an instant boost of self-esteem and happiness.

Spend quality time with the people who support you, recognise your positive attributes and genuinely love being around you – it will make a world of difference in helping you feel strong and comfortable on your own.


3) Get involved with your community

Maybe you’ve thought it’d be nice to be more involved at your child’s school or to be part of a neighborhood association that you admire.

After going through a major life change, you might be in the perfect place to take on a new role in your community.

Whether you’re volunteering on weekends or committing yourself to an active, time-consuming role, you’ll grow from applying yourself to a larger cause and networking with others who care about the same things.


4) Start socialising

Everyone moves on from divorce in their own unique way.

Some can speed forward into a new life, while others prefer to take a slow and steady route toward independence.

Socialising at a pace you find comfortable is healthy for rebuilding your self-esteem. Getting out of the house for small get-togethers, going to parties or attending fun events will remind you about the good things in life and help you expand your circle of friends.


5) Get in touch with your spiritual side

Some divorcees are empowered by tapping into their spiritual side.

This can be as simple as  contemplating the meaning of life, your unique role and the positive impact you’ve had on the people around you, or it could involve worshiping at a church or engaging in prayer.

No matter what you choose to do, the goal here is to find a positive and peaceful frame of mind, and to recognise your self-worth.


Remember that building your self-esteem takes time, especially if you’ve gone through a traumatic or lengthy divorce. Take things easy, and make progress one step at a time: every small win will boost your self-worth and improve your outlook on life.


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